The Richmond Horse Museum

Originally the old school building and boarding house in the 1800s, Richmond’s Museum – located on the corner of Loop and Spring Street – boasts a comprehensive collection of antiquities, vintage attire, antique furniture, wagons, weapons and farm implements. The museum is also one of only two museums in the world with a section dedicated to the riding horse.

The MAP Gallery

Founded by entrepreneur/philanthropist Harry Siertsema, Modern Art Projects SA aims to contribute to positive change and the development of art in South Africa. MAP SA’s Richmond gallery has an imposing collection of art that is always on display, with specific exhibitions throughout the year. Find it on the corner of Loop and Plein Street, and keep an eye out for the various art installations located throughout the town.


Vetmuis Plaaskombuis

Vetmuis Plaaskombuis is a beautiful restaurant and gift shop in Loop Street, Richmond. Remember to take a picture with the Vetmuis when you’re in town! On request, Vetmuis Plaaskombuis offers breakfast to guests at an additional fee.


Historic Graveyard

Richmond’s historic graveyard is the last resting place of its first inhabitants, imperial soldiers, and also of the siblings of Richmond’s most famous ghost, Josephine Dale Lace.


Vegkop Boer War Site

During the Anglo-Boer War, Vegkop was the fort used by the British to defend themselves against the Boers. The fort is well preserved and worth a visit.


The Dutch Reformed Church

J.L. Leeb designed the Dutch Reformed Church in Loop Street and Anton Anreith designed its pulpit. The corner stone was laid in 1844, the church was inaugurated in 1847, and it still has regular Sunday services today. The church is one of many heritage sites located in Richmond.



Richmond is South Africa’s only official Book Town and the host of the popular annual Boekbedonnerd Festival, which takes place at the end of October each year. The town has various second-hand bookstores – visit the Richmond Info office for directions.


Richmond Info

Richmond’s Info office is your go-to for any enquiries you might have about the town or any of its annual events. Find it at 32 Loop Street, to the left of the local grocer, Percy’s Place.

The Richmond Outdoor

This annual event draws participants from all over the country, and is something for the whole family. The Richmond Outdoor is made up of trail running, mountain biking and a fun run for those that are looking for something a little less strenuous. Bring the family, set up camp and experience the wonder of the great outdoors!


Richmond’s annual Boekbedonnerd Festival provides a platform for everything lit-themed and related to books. Boekbedonnerd brings the best South African writers to the Karoo, and the festival can’t be missed if you’re interested in books and literature. Boekbedonnerd takes place at the end of October every year.